Parish Precept

On 28th January 2020 Full Council, those 15 Councillors present on the night voted to set the Parish Precept for 2020/2021 at £91.23 per year, based on a Band D property – or £7.60 per month, £1.75 a week or 0.25p per day.

Last year was an important year for Haydon Wick Parish Council, having increased the precept to improve and enhance the quality of its grass and hedge cutting, refurbishing and maintaining to a high standard many of its 24 play parks, the community made it clear to us that we should continue to deliver and sustain this level of service. With that in mind, we are proud to report that we have seen a reduction in the number of complaints received. However, we know there is always room for improvement.

During the precept setting process the Council’s Officers worked hard to produce various budget models which were presented to the Policy and Finance Committee. These models were thoroughly scrutinised, and a finalised proposal was agreed and taken to the Full Council on the 28th January 2020. These models recognised nationally agreed salary increases and inflation rates, and incorporated continued investment in our staff, and ensured Councillor development. They also included capital projects to be progressed by the Council to serve the community of Haydon Wick Parish.

Additionally, our Councillors maintained their stance, which is not to increase their allowances in line with Swindon Borough Council’s Independent Renumeration recommendation. A recommendation that would have seen an increase of over 200% or £34,000 per year. This Council has agreed a total budget of £16,815 for all 18 Councillors.

One of the key areas we want to develop in 2020/21 is better communication and engagement with our residents. We want a better understanding of what you would like to see taking place in the parish and improvements to the area in which we all live. Our Councillors are mindful of the need to balance improvements and progression against the total cost to its residents and with that in mind, a decision was taken to utilise £73,544 from the Council’s reserves to invest back into the Parish. This represents £8.16 per year, based on Band D property, which will not be added to the precept.

The 2020/21 budget is available here.