About Your Council

The Council is concerned with the overall economic, cultural and physical well being of the community it serves. Where the Council directly provides services it aims to ensure that they are high quality and cost effective.

Swindon Borough Council administers many of the main services such as Education, Social Services although the Parish Council has taken on many other services from the Borough Council. To cover the cost of the services provided the Parish Council raises the majority of its income through the Council Tax bill sent out by the Borough Council. The amount which the Parish Council requires is shown as the Parish Precept and is currently £31.35 per Band D household. This amount is used to provide services which it considers is in the interests of or essential for the benefit of all or some of the inhabitants.

These services are the maintenance and provision of all play areas & amenity open spaces within the Parish, litter & dog waste bin provision and servicing, cleaning bus shelters, fly tipping, graffiti removal, hedge and shrub trimming, other horticultural work in certain parts of the Parish such as grass cutting and minor street cleaning.

The Parish Council has the right to be notified of any planning application affecting the area and to make comment, which the planning authority must and does take into account.

The Parish of Haydon Wick has an estimated population in excess of 23,000 and it is split into 2 Electoral Wards, with a total of more than 20,000 Electors. The Parish is split into three Wards:

Haydon Wick: 9 seats
Haydon End: 9 seats

To conduct its business efficiently the Council is divided into three Standing Committees namely Policy & Finance, Planning & Highways and Amenities & Leisure. Recreation. Full Council and Committee meetings are normally held in The Council Offices, Thames Avenue. The agenda, the dates and times of these meetings are displayed in the Parish Noticeboards and elsewhere on this website.

The eighteen Councillors, if elected, can claim under the provision of the Local Authorities Members’ Allowances Regulations 2003, a Councillor Allowance to assist them in the performance of their duties. Councillors who are co-opted are not eligible for the allowance). Individual Councillors may claim all, part or none of the set allowance for the financial year.

For Schedule of meetings, click here: 2018-19 Meeting Dates