Haydon Wick Council is a statutory consultee of the local Planning Authority, Swindon Borough Council.

This means that the Borough Council notifies this Council of local planning applications, and it has 21 days to respond with either objections or support. The Planning & Highways Committee carries out this activity and meets regularly (sometimes two or three times in a month) to discuss applications received from the Planning Authority. The next date the Committee is due to meet can be found here.

For your guidance we list some frequently asked questions:

Where do I apply to obtain planning permission?
You must apply to the local Planning Authority, Swindon Borough Council at the Civic Offices in Euclid Street, Swindon. Click here to go to their website

Who decides if planning applications are granted?
The local Planning Authority, Swindon Borough Council decides whether to grant permission.

Can I view the plans for planning applications?
Yes, you can contact the local Planning Authority, Swindon Borough Council to view plans by clicking here or you can view plans received by the Parish by contacting us via this website. Bear in mind we only keep plans for a few days so you will need to give us notice of your intensions in as good time as possible

Do I need Planning Permission?
When considering an extension or alteration to your house there are a number of steps to go through in order to find out the correct level of planning permission required. While the guidelines for this are covered in the four steps below, if you would like an informal opinion from the Borough Council they will accept a (chargeable) pre application from you.

Levels of Permission

Guidelines for the four levels of permission are as follows:

1. Permitted Development Rights

Works that can be undertaken without the need for planning permission applies to:

  • House Extensions
  • Porches
  • Roof Alterations
  • Outbuildings
  • Fences etc.

To assess if your project falls within permitted development rights please visit the Swindon Borough Council Planning Portal.

For a formal confirmation that the works fall within Permitted Development you can apply for a Certificate of Lawful Development, details available on the Borough Council site

2. Local Development Order (LDO)

These are new regulations for rear extensions falling into certain criteria and in particular those which do not exceed:

  • 4 metres – single storey
  • 3 metres – two storey

For further information and to assess if your development could be considered Permitted Development under the LDO please see House Extensions Local Development Order on the Borough Council website. You can apply for a Simplified Householder Consent as directed on the Borough Council website.

3. Prior Approval Neighbour Notification – Larger Homes Extensions

Between May 2013 and 2016 the Government has extended Permitted Development (PD) rights so that it is possible to build larger single storey rear extensions of up to:

  • 8 metres in length at detached properties
  • 6 metres at all other houses

In order to benefit from the relaxed permitted development rights you must first undertake the ‘Prior Approval Neighbour Notification Process’.

4. Planning Permission

For all development not permitted by steps 1 – 3 above, it is likely that full planning permission will be required. For further details on this process please visit the Planning Process pages on the Borough Council website.