Highways & Footpaths


The network of roads and highways in the Parish are the responsibility of the Borough Council, but the Council acts act as a conduit, ensuring problems are passed on to the right people.

Residents who discover a problem with highways or footpaths, for example dangerous potholes, damaged or vandalised signage, obstructions, graffiti or damaged or dangerous footpath surfaces should raise these matters with us in the first instance.

Haydon Wick Council will also focus attention on highway matters especially where safety is concerned, for example currently Thames Avenue pedestrian crossing and general traffic volume and speed, the traffic calming measures outside Morrisons, crossing Westfield Way outside The Manor Pub, what will 106 funded improvements to Oakhurst Way look like and the Torun Way bus link, are all matters your Council is presently consulting on with a range of partners following concerns expressed.

Council also keep on the agenda issues where strategic highway matters affect the quality of life locally.

In this respect Haydon Wick Council is a leading protagonist of the construction of the Thamesdown Drive to Barnfield link road which would offer a direct route into Swindon centre and regenerate the Cheney Manor employment area. This was first mooted more than 30 years ago but even as we speak, the Borough Council does still not have it included in its Infrastructure Development Plan.

Your Council will continue to lobby the Borough and our local MP’s to come up with funding and press on with the preparatory work necessary for this important project.


Haydon Wick is blessed with an extensive and well conceived network of footpath and cycle routes.

Sadly funding was cut before any provision for signage was thought through, so there are almost no directional or distance signing.

Correcting this is not a cheap exercise, but the Council has budgeted modest amounts to begin directional and distance signing and kicking this off with the main spine path from Stratton X Roads to Mouldon Hill Country Park, which in itself could require 21 positions!