Dog Bins & Litter Bins

The Council is responsible for all litter and dog waste bins which are spaced throughout the Parish. Requests for new bins or the relocation of bins are considered against set criteria. If you feel an area needs additional bins, or a bin has been damaged or if the bin needs to be emptied please bring this urgently to the attention of the Clerk.

The Amenities Team empty all bins on a regular basis, litter pick play areas & streets, remove fly tipping, keep the recycling areas tidy and tackle graffiti. In addition the Council supports local groups and schools in their efforts to keep the Parish clean by providing equipment and help in organising litter picking.

Would you help clean up our neighbourhood??

We have had requests from several residents, who feel strongly about the amount of litter in the area, to organise voluntary litter picking events. These can be arranged as a group event or simply individual litter picking close to their homes. The Council supplies equipment and if necessary training and will pick up the bags of collected litter for disposal. If you wish to volunteer to become part of this work please contact the Council Offices for more details.

You just need to turn up
Maybe bring the kids
Get some fresh air and exercise

Call the Clerk now on 722446 OR email