Do You Live In The Parish?

List of Street Names in Haydon Wick, Swindon or click here for a map


Aden Court
Aiken Road
Akenfield Close
Akers Way
Alder Close
Alicia Close
Angelica Close
Anise Close
Apollo Close
Ariadne Road
Arley Close
Artus Close
Arun Road
Ashdown Way
Auden Close
Avens Close


Barcote Close
Basil Close
Baxter Close
Bayleaf Avenue
Beagle Close
Beck Close
Betony Close
Bicton Road
Blunsdon Road
Boatman Close
Borage Close
Border Close
Bowles Road
Bradshaw Court
Braxton Road
Brooklime Close
Bryant Road
Bryony Way
Buckthorn Drive
Burcot Close
Burnet Close


Cagney Drive
Calder Close
Callington Road
Calstock Road
Capella Crescent
Capesthorne Drive
Caraway Drive
Cassini Drive
Casterbridge Road
Catherine Wayte Close
Catmint Close
Cayenne Park
Chatsworth Road
Chichory Close
Chilworth Close
Chives Way
Clary Road
Clementine Road
Cloudberry Road
Clover Park
Colbert Park
Coleridge Road
Colman Park
Coln Crescent
Comfrey Close
Connelly Close
Cookham Road
Cooper Fields
Coppice Close
Corfe Close
Coriander Way
Cornflower Road
Cranborne Chase


Daisy Close
Damson Crescent
Darius Way
Dart Avenue
Deben Crescent
Deneb Drive
Dickenson Road
Dinmore Road
Dione Crescent
Dolina Road
Don Close
Dowlais Close
Downland Road
Doyle Close
Dunley Close
Dydale Road


Eastbury Way
Egdon Close
Elborough Road
Elder Close
Elsham Way
Elstree Way
Elstree Way
Emerson Close
Emmanuel Close
Estella Close
Exbury Close
Exe Close
Exmoor Close
Eyre Close


Fennel Close
Figsbury Close
Filsham Road
Firth Close
Fitzpiers Close
Foxglove Road
Friday Street
Frome Road
Furlong Close


Galloway Drive
Garsington Drive
Gaynor Close
Giles Road
Giotto Close
Glenmore Road
Gore Close
Granica Close
Graythwaite Close
Green Meadow Avenue
Green Valley Avenue
Greenwich Close
Greenwood Grovedydale Road
Guernsey Lane


Hamble Road
Hardwick Close
Harebell Close
Hartington Road
Hartshorn Close
Hatfield Close
Havisham Drive
Haydon Court
Haydon Court Drive
Haydon End Lane
Haydonleigh Drive
Hayward Close
Heaton Close
Hector Road
Henchard Crescent
Henman Close
Hepworth Road
Herschel Close
High Street
Highwood Close
Holliday Close
Holly Close
Honeylight View
Honeysuckle Close
Hubble View
Hudson Way
Hylder Close
Hysopp Close


Ikeston Road
Ironstone Close
Isis Close


Jasmine Close
Jason Close
Jopp Close
Jubilee Road


Kelly Gardens
Kennet Avenue
Kopernik Road


Lady Lane
Lady Lane
Lampeter Road
Larchmore Close
Laughton Way
Lewis Close
Lichen Close
Lilian Close
Locksgreen Crescent
Longworth Drive
Loveage Close
Lucetta Rise
Luna Close
Lyme Way
Lynwood Grove


Maida Vale
Mallow Close
March Close
Marigold Close
Mariner Road
Marjoram Close
Markova Grove
Maybold Crescent
Mayfly Road
Mazurek Way
Meadowsweet Close
Medway Road
Mellow Ground
Melstock Road
Metis Close
Minnow Close
Mint Close
Mir Crescent
Monet Close
Moredon Park
Mycroft Road


Newson Road
Newstead Close
Noyes Close
Nutmeg Close


Oakhurst Way
Oakie Close
Oberon Way
Orwell Close
Osterley Road


Paddock Close
Parsley Close
Pathfinder Way
Pen Close
Pencarrow Close
Pennycress Close
Periwinkle Close
Phoebe Way
Phoenix Gardens
Piernik Close
Pioneer Road
Polonez Court
Pond Street
Pope Close
Porth Close
Poseidon Close
Primrose Close
Prospero Way
Pulsar Road
Purslane Close
Purton Road
Purton Road
Purton Road


Queen Elizabeth Drive


Ramsthorn Close
Ray Close
Redhouse Way
Rigel Close
Rosemary Close
Rosetta Close
Rother Close
Rydal Close
Rysy Court


Saffron Close
Sage Close
Sandbourne Road
Scotney Crescent
Seaton Close
Sefton Road
Severn Avenue
Shanklin Road
Shepperton Way
Sherford Road
Shipley Drive
Sigerson Road
Silbury Mews
Snowdrop Close
Snowshill Close
Southernwood Drive
Southwold Close
Soyuz Crescent
Speedwell Close
Spode Close
Stardust Crescent
Stevenson Road
Stonecrop Way
Stour Walk
Syon Close


Tadpole Lane
Tamar Close
Tarragon Close
Tatry Road
Tees Close
Thames Avenue
Thamesdown Drive
The Boulevard
The Brow
The Street
Thetford Way
Thrushel Close
Thursday Street
Thyme Close
Timandra Close
Toppers Close
Torridge Close
Torun Way
Tracy Close
Treforest Close
Trent Road
Tweed Close


Ulysses Road
Upton Close
Ursa Way


Vega Close
Ventnor Close
Vistula Crescent
Voyager Drive


Waterdown Close
Wayne Close
Westfield Way
Wey Close
White Eagle Road
Wicks Close
Willowherb Close
Wilson Road
Windflower Road
Woburn Close
Wood Hall Drive
Wylye Close
Wynwards Road


Yarrow Close


Zakopane Road