Annual Parish Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Virtual Annual Parish Meeting – 31st March 2020

26th March, 2020

Welcome to the Virtual Annual Parish Meeting 2020 In accordance with English law Parish Councils have to hold an Annual Parish Meeting (APM) once per year. However, we’re experiencing extraordinary times so we decided to hold a virtual Annual Parish Meeting. We do hope to see many of you in person at our formal APM later in the year… We hope that this dedicated web page will engage and inform our residents about what we’ve been doing over the past year.  We will explain exciting projects we hope to do in the future, how we’ve set the next year’s budget and allocated the Precept which we need to deliver these activities.  We’ll also talk about how we’ve helped community groups and charities throughout the year with our Community Grant Scheme. And finally and most excitingly, we’ll introduce you to our brand new civic awards scheme….drum roll please…… Introducing the Haydon Wick Heroes awards where we’ll crown our very first Volunteer of Year, our first Young Achiever and the one and only Fabulous Fundraiser – these awards will acknowledge these amazing unsung heroes for all the fantastic work they do in the parish. 10.20 am Starting with the Chairman’s Report and Exam Success 11.20 am Continuing with Policy & Finance and Grants Information 12.00 pm  Community Engagement As per Councillor S McDermott’s Community Engagement speech, we are pleased to unveil 2 of the 3 finished play park posters – we’re trying to contact the third, so will keep it as a surprise for now! The posters will be installed at all of our play parks in the upcoming weeks, ready to get the message across when the parks reopen in the summer. Dennis Play Park Poster Jessica Play Park Poster 12.30 pm Amenities & Leisure Committee and Volunteer Update The Amenities &...

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Annual Parish Meeting – 19th March 2019

26th March, 2019

Held on Tuesday 19th March 2019 at the Parish Offices

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Annual Assembly – 16th April 2018

11th April, 2018

Agenda for the Annual Assembly 16th April 2018 16.04.18

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